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Necron Bio as told by a certain drummer.

We all started as friends and then became musicians. I started drums just before going into high school. I remember freshman year, they (the teachers) wanted us all to become comfortable with each other. A short haired kid in front of me says he plays guitar. It is revealed he likes the heavy stuff. Sabbath was the first thing that caught my ears. Then I find out he likes Metallica, this is the most metal kid I ever met in my sheltered life! I met Will at lunch, he was a short haired kid who didn't want to be at Gunston. Will likes to skateboard no two ways about. Will is well versed in music because of his skating (and other genres who might not think!). They were my first high school friends and I had no idea where our friendship would go. Jump to January, Matt comes over for the first time. I didn't know what to expect. You might actually even say nervous....why? I had never jammed with anybody in my life. He had riffs heavy/nu-metal riffs, I didn't tell him that at the time. That rainy day was when THE DORKUSSES came out of our it were. We turned out what seemed to us as very funny. We rocked out in the basement for four albums (Intro to Insanity: Live in a Basement/the Basement Tapes, Waste, The Third One & Spiked Belt) Fate/circumstance set it so that Matt would no longer preside in Maryland. His father got a job in NYC and then Matt attack was gone before sophomore year. We maintained contact until January when we reunited. We recorded Heavy Pork . Up to that point Pork was the best thing we had ever done. Yes the song content was stupid but the songs themselves were fast and heavy. Mister William made his first appearance on this album and added a new formula to the equation. Who had a singer who legitimated sang. He was quite appropriate for a first cover "We are 138" by The Misfits. Matt came when ever having a holiday weekend/break. His parents spending a fortune but each time it was worth it. We became tighter and focused (mostly). "White raison" was the First Necron song ever written. At time we were still The Dorkusses It got to a junction were it seemed we had out grown The Dorkusses and a new name was to be decided. We picked the name Necron, a character from a animated film. We started dishing out more originals such as "My Whole Mind" and "Country Club Nazis". Our first gig was at The Prince in Chestertown, which was an incredible experience for us all. The same month we played at The Mill which was equally rewarding. Both shows have given us a small taste of playing and we aren't stopping there. Your probably thinking why would we waste time with a friend a million miles away.......because we like to! Personally for me its all about the time we spend rocking, I believe we all get something out of it. There is a unique feeling playing along side "the boys". Fighting does not happen because we all realize where the other is coming from and can be more understanding of them. Everyone has a role in this band. Nobody comes in with a song 100% finished then tells everyone else what to do. It's a collective effort. Will's lyrics are penetrating and Matts riffs are the knife that makes the incision...and me...I keep the heart beating. With a couple gigs under our belt were trying to bring our music to the masses. In this day and age that's not to hard.....but we want people to hear the content and let them understand it. It seems in this day and age kids are noticing how great older stuff really is. In fact were all probably more influenced by music from the 70s and 80s and we grew up in the Limp Bizkit age! Were hoping to show that the fun in music is not dead. Were not emo. Were not punk, Were not rock, Were not alternative, Were not metal, We Are Fucking Necron.